Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I am getting my wardrobe ready for winter hibernation.

Forget Uggs this year, try the Fit Flop version instead: the boot with the gym built in.

They look the same, but tone your legs while you walk.

Probably perfect for you, totally useless for me as I tend to be stationary at all times...

But on that note, I have just discovered these ah-mazing fleece-lined Hunter furry socks on net-a-porter.com.

They look so cute and comfortable, I want to stay in them until April, superglued to the sofa.

The website suggests you wear them with Hunter wellies... sounds like too much movement is required.

I will stick with the furry things , only £30...socking!

P.S YSL have a di-vine set of leopard print scarves. Uh-oh. How to resist when I am at home with a laptop for the next six months. I'll be so fat, it will be the only thing I can fit into...

NB No, I am not pregnant! I will be fat because I will be hibernating for six months because it's winter. I thought that was clear - obviously not as I have been receiving congratulation messages all day....

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