Monday, 25 October 2010


Lots of hair-raising antics to report over the weekend.

On Friday night, I was temporarily possessed and cut my own hair - literally.

I got sick of my long locks and when the salon couldn't fit me in, I went home and did my best Edward Scissorhands impression...

Two minutes later, I finally had the cut I have been talking about getting for months. (But alas no Johnny Depp)

Comments from friends at dinner ranged from 'it looks so nice and fresh' to 'you're quite psychotic aren't you?'.

Erm, Helen Mirren cuts her own hair and if it's good enough for the Queen...

Felt quite satisfying actually and looks surprisingly good - am considering a career move. Nicky Clarke better up his game...

Saturday was spent drinking, eating, drinking, playing charades, eating and drinking in the Cotswalds at the oldest hotel in England (est 1220), so old they have rather frustratingly never heard of cocktails.

But the countryside is so great for cute little houses.

A perfect fit for pint-sized me. The doors and everything made me feel uber tall.

Unfortunately my brand new wellies did not come in handy.

Despite my desperate prayers for rain, it was sunny and crisp the entire time. Booo.

Hopped and skipped (that's what they do out in the sticks) over to the most beautiful garden next door to the hotel on Sunday called Abbey House.

They have 'clothes optional days' in May and June where it basically becomes a nudist garden party?!

Thankfully for us, in October, everyone keeps their attire on.

Anyway, I am begging husband to purchase it for me as I have always wanted a house in the country. He has promised to think about it.

What I loved most were the hundreds of adorable quirky names for all the seed-plant things like 'fashion flame' and 'goodbye heart'.

If I ever launch my own nail polish range, which is entirely possible seeing as I am obssessed, I will definitely go for inspiration (as it will hopefully be my own backyard by then). 

P.S Have succumbed to the cape fad. Adorable military, hooded thing from Asos. Will make giving orders so much more stylish.

P.P.S A moment of silence for the death of the Walkman please. Sony have halted manufacturing on the iconic device after thirty years. I still remember making my first mix tape. RIP on the B-side. 

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aysha said...

NO NO NOOOOO!!! RIP on the B-side!!! i died!!! i finketh they still sell them in Bahrain... u want me to get u one for old times sake?! LOVED IT HAHAHAHAHAHAHA can't stop laughing!!!