Thursday, 28 October 2010


Well I have had a breakthrough.

I've been so far living under the assumption that I really can't shut up.

And for the last three days, I've had absolutely nothing, NO-THING, to say.

Writer's block, carpal tunnel syndrome (ok, I don't actually know what that means), introspection, call it what you want.

I was so quiet the other day at dinner, husband was terribly worried about me.

Then it dawned on him he was about to live the rest of his years in peace and he's been smiling at me with gaga eyes ever since.

In fact, my new personality malfunction is very on-trend.

This season is all about the 1950's housewife revival...just look at D&G's apron.

Can also be seen on the Spring/Summer catwalk for Anna Sui and Phillip Lim.

Maybe it's my haircut! Maybe, I'm like Samson and with my cute new bob, I've lost all my power!

At least I'm still shopping like a trooper...thank god.

In the meantime, my friend and I have been hatching up ideas to start our own company.

So far we have come up with fashion designing, styling or starting our own dating agency and calling it 'hoes before bros'...I have looked up the domain name and I'm happy to report it is still available.

P.S Look what happens when your husband starts earning £250,000 a week, you suddenly turn hot overnight

P.P.S It seems guns don't kill people, models at China Fashion Week do...Not too crazy about the outfit either tbh...

Monday, 25 October 2010


Lots of hair-raising antics to report over the weekend.

On Friday night, I was temporarily possessed and cut my own hair - literally.

I got sick of my long locks and when the salon couldn't fit me in, I went home and did my best Edward Scissorhands impression...

Two minutes later, I finally had the cut I have been talking about getting for months. (But alas no Johnny Depp)

Comments from friends at dinner ranged from 'it looks so nice and fresh' to 'you're quite psychotic aren't you?'.

Erm, Helen Mirren cuts her own hair and if it's good enough for the Queen...

Felt quite satisfying actually and looks surprisingly good - am considering a career move. Nicky Clarke better up his game...

Saturday was spent drinking, eating, drinking, playing charades, eating and drinking in the Cotswalds at the oldest hotel in England (est 1220), so old they have rather frustratingly never heard of cocktails.

But the countryside is so great for cute little houses.

A perfect fit for pint-sized me. The doors and everything made me feel uber tall.

Unfortunately my brand new wellies did not come in handy.

Despite my desperate prayers for rain, it was sunny and crisp the entire time. Booo.

Hopped and skipped (that's what they do out in the sticks) over to the most beautiful garden next door to the hotel on Sunday called Abbey House.

They have 'clothes optional days' in May and June where it basically becomes a nudist garden party?!

Thankfully for us, in October, everyone keeps their attire on.

Anyway, I am begging husband to purchase it for me as I have always wanted a house in the country. He has promised to think about it.

What I loved most were the hundreds of adorable quirky names for all the seed-plant things like 'fashion flame' and 'goodbye heart'.

If I ever launch my own nail polish range, which is entirely possible seeing as I am obssessed, I will definitely go for inspiration (as it will hopefully be my own backyard by then). 

P.S Have succumbed to the cape fad. Adorable military, hooded thing from Asos. Will make giving orders so much more stylish.

P.P.S A moment of silence for the death of the Walkman please. Sony have halted manufacturing on the iconic device after thirty years. I still remember making my first mix tape. RIP on the B-side. 

Thursday, 21 October 2010


So I know I said there was zero point in me buying wellies seeing as I tend to tick 'sedentary' when the new joiner form at the gym asks me how active I am.

But all that was before I knew I was going to be spending the weekend in the countryside....and before I knew heavy rain was predicted for Saturday.

Cue dilemma.

Uggs? Not waterproof. Tried this once on a skiing trip and they got wrecked.

Ballet flats? Not warm enough.

High heel knee-highs?, out of the question actually.

A girl needs a break from all things city sometimes - including stilettos, dare I say it.

I took a lunchtime stroll across the road to Soletrader (what a name for a shoe store - you just know it's going to be filled with practical and heinously ugly shoes), and I came across a pair of Hunter boots.

Black, understated, rain-proof and under £70. Sounds about right for an impulse buy.

They're quite cute too actually, bear even tried to stumble off in them but hasn't quite mastered the art of walking in rubber yet...

Whatever, the point is, it better rain!

All I need now is a big country pile to go with...

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Have just had a massive spring clean.

I will do anything to avoid tackling the bathroom. 

The cleaning lady saga continues. Ms fired-rehired quit. How typical.  

The new one has gone off to India for two weeks.

Husband has resorted sneaking his shirts home to his mother to re-iron but thinks I don’t know - am pretending not to notice or I would have to feign outrage.

So tonight I went through my drawers for a sort out.

It’s amazing how many black jumpers a girl can own. 

But on the bright side, I am finding less is most definitely turning out to be more…

Now that I can actually see what I own perhaps I can start to use more than the ten or so staples in a state of constant recycling.

Am still in denial that I spend most of my time in the office though and therefore refusing to invest in more work clothes.

But finding out I have over twenty pairs of jeans when I hardly wear one was a very rude awakening.

Oohh How to Lose a Guy in 10 days has just started on Film Four.

Surely all this dusting etc can wait a few more hours.

Matthew McConaughey. 

Enough. Said

P.S Check out these Maison Martin Margiela shoes. Very amazing. Very Dorothy's off to Studio 54. There's no place like D.I.S.C.O. 

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I am getting my wardrobe ready for winter hibernation.

Forget Uggs this year, try the Fit Flop version instead: the boot with the gym built in.

They look the same, but tone your legs while you walk.

Probably perfect for you, totally useless for me as I tend to be stationary at all times...

But on that note, I have just discovered these ah-mazing fleece-lined Hunter furry socks on

They look so cute and comfortable, I want to stay in them until April, superglued to the sofa.

The website suggests you wear them with Hunter wellies... sounds like too much movement is required.

I will stick with the furry things , only £30...socking!

P.S YSL have a di-vine set of leopard print scarves. Uh-oh. How to resist when I am at home with a laptop for the next six months. I'll be so fat, it will be the only thing I can fit into...

NB No, I am not pregnant! I will be fat because I will be hibernating for six months because it's winter. I thought that was clear - obviously not as I have been receiving congratulation messages all day....

Monday, 18 October 2010


Sometimes I love my job.

Like when I'm suffering from a mild case of Monday blues (booo) and come in to work to find a little package sitting on my desk...

Look at this super cool sparkly Giorgio Armani lipstick, embellished with my initial in Swarovski crystals - makes a perfect gift or stocking filler...

You can get them personalised at Armani counters  - as long as you buy the £22 lippie naturally (there is no such thing as a free lunch! Unless you're in media, PR or  heavy gambler of course)...

This is also another example of channeling my positive energy (a la Power book I am currently reading - see previous post).

I was harping on the red lip and voila! I am the proud new owner of rouge shade 400 - without even having to move.

Have now set my sights on a slightly higher target...WATCH THIS SPACE!

P.S Went to Freize this weekend, not too sure about the art, am slightly clueless to be honest  - for instance, lady sitting in corner with pointed hat on her head...was this an installation, or a freaky Blair Witch re-enactment some woman likes to carry out in public?

Same goes for the breast-feeding mother with her boob completely out.. I certainly hope that was part of the show or our staring could have been deemed rather inappropriate.

Anyway, regardless, the fashion was fab-u-lous...Never had so much fun outfit-watching in Regent's Park.

P.P.S Also saw Social Network. What happened to Justin Timberlake? Did he age like fifty years overnight or what?

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Other than Erin O Connor's Model Sanctuary, a safe house for models to take refuge during the trials and tribulations of London Fashion Week (yes, it exists, look it up) there isn't really a designated area for the beautiful people to congregate.

Thankfully, Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel fame is on the case.

He is in the process of designing manmade Isla Moda, 20km off the coast of Dubai - it's like, the first ever fashion island!

It won't be finished til 2014, so you have a few years to invest in one of the 150 luxury properties.

If not, there will be three hotels to rest your Zoolander head, (hopefully no left turns either).

I will definitely be putting it on my to do list. I mean, just look at Karl. He is so cool - he can wear leather gloves in the desert heat.

Not even Lady Gaga can pull that off...Come to think of it, are they perhaps related?

P.S Went to Vanessa Bruno opening tonight. The Grafton St store is def worth a visit. No need to Eurostar it for her covetable collection anymore. Yay.
P.P.S Was with the beautiful Natalia Barbieri of Bionda Castana, who was causing a stir with her ah-mazing shoe designs...See?

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


It may be winter (hurrah!) but that doesn't mean one must banish colour altogether.

I am loving these fab Swatches...And at the bargain price of £29.50, you can get one in every shade!

Perfect to go with my entirely black wardrobe and red lips.

I can still remember my first Flik Flak. My, how time flies.

P.S Here at Moodboard, we are big enough to admit when we are wrong.

Ok, I know I am only one person...(and not very big either tbh) but I apologise for leading you astray a few weeks ago and saying that Pierre Herme macaroons were better than Laduree.

I was delusional from lack of sugar.

Having tried them again, I conclude they are slightly too rich for my simple palette and I will be going back to the original masters with my tail between my legs...

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Red lipstick? What do we think?

I am seeing this everywhere...Most recently on Dannii on Sat night's X-Factor. Loved it. But have always shied away.

Why? Firstly because I have been loyal to my same Dior pink Ultra Gloss Flash 557 for years.

And secondly, because I am worried I will either look like a tranny or a little girl who has spent the evening at her mother's dressing table (which, I still do sometimes btw).

But this season is all about experimenting and after throwing caution to the wind with my risque trim, I am feeling rather daring.

So, I know the wine lip is in but as a non-blonde, I shall reserve that particularly vampish look for Halloween.

Instead, I have purchased an inoffensive red from Mac.

Also, check out their Venomous Villain collection, inspired by the darker side of Disney.... I always fancied myself as a bit of an Evil Queen.


P.S Trend alert: The two-tone. Ie a different colour on each lip. Another great idea for Halloween!

Friday, 8 October 2010


So I bought The Power today by Rhonda Byrne. It is the sequel to The Secret.

Which sold like a gazillion copies and is all about positive thinking being 'The Secret' to attracting your heart's desire.

Lots of cynics think this is a waste of time and energy and that we should all just accept life the way it is bla  bla.

But the way I see it, is that Rhonda Byrne is now a millionaire. And even if that goal was aquired by duping her readers into thinking they could have anything they want, I bet she used the law of attraction to do it.

I bet every night, she spent hours in bed 'Secreting' a way to get rich. Then a plan to convince a bunch of suckers to buy a book about being suckered hatched.

And lo and behold...Here I am. Not only did I buy the first volume, I also purchased the second!

And I really am a believer in the power of positive thought and all that crap.

For instance, I will be channelling my positive energy to attract bad weather this weekend - so I can wear my new clothes.

What's with this 20 degrees? We have put our summer wardrobe away! We have bought knee-high boots! The heating has been turned on! We want winter dammit!

Either way, definitely worth a read methinks. Will let you know how I get on....

Thursday, 7 October 2010


Am having a short hair moment. Not a Twiggy-like crop but a Betty Draper-like fabulous cut.

I see them everywhere and suddenly have uncontrollable urge to hack my hair off. I am convinced a bob is the way to go.

Having been through this in the past though - and then regretted it - I phone up friend for her opinion.

She is a long hair advocator and proceeds to reel off a list of unattractive (mostly lesbians) with short hair - including Jodie Foster. (So random)

What about Keira Knightley!? I protest.

Oh bloody hell, friend retorts, Keira Knightley only cut her hair to detract from her flat chest.

Fair point.

But not one to be easily swayed by public opinion, I woke up and decided today was definitely the day to opt for the chop.

All geared up,  I warned my colleagues of a dramatic change on the horizon - and printed out piccies of Grace Kelly and everything.

So impatient was I that I could not even wait for the end of the day and popped into the salon on lunch break.

And when I got there, I sat down confidently, took the images out of my bag and...completely chickened out.

It was sometime around the moment I realised I wasn't blonde, living in the Sixties or similar to Betty Draper in any way.

But still - I had a little trim.

One small step for me, one giant leap for Jodie and Keira...

P.S Valentino kitten heels are the it-shoe this season - as seen on everyone front row during FW.

Fine if you're a twenty foot Amazonian, I suppose. Frankly, I'll be sticking to my six-inch stilettos....

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


What an amazing day for fashion and an exciting grand finale as we say goodbye to another sensational season...(Just imagine how stylish the Eurostar is right now.)

Quick round-up: Sarah Burton did a great job taking over from Alexander Lee McQueen and I want the entire collection, a lot. Butterflies, feathers and silk. Fresh and light and different to before - but also kind of the same.

Louis Vuitton was ah-mazing: Safari and sequins and an ode to the East, oh my.

Hermes: Equestrian, harnessing, jodhpurs, suede, Birkins and well, all things Hermes.

I don't know how I will remember this as unbelievably pieces won't hit stores for an age. In real time, we are still in aviator chic territory.

Remember that? Me neither.

Anyway, got the fashion bit out of the way. Back to my life.

And actually, don't care AS much about all of the above today because I (sorry, I mean we) are officially homeowners!! Eeek!

Husband and I received three sets of keys to our new apartment a few hours ago. Such a wo-mantic, he even carried me over the threshold. Sort of.

Was a lot more clumsy than that and we ended up in a heap on the floor. But what are a few hairline fractures in the name of love and real estate?

Mammoth task of decorating and being adult all ahead of us now. He's not very domestic - and I'm not very responsible - so together we clearly make a winning combination.

Have started flicking through H&G for ideas...All I'm missing are a set of pearls and Chanel suit and I'm good to go...

P.S: Let's hope the borough of Kensington and Chelsea have decent council housing in case this all goes pear-shaped...Have already spotted a place I could see myself living in. Great closet space, I hear.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


New research has revealed women use their sex to excuse their actions regularly.

88 per cent of women polled have used being female as an avoidance measure in the past, with just over half doing so regularly.

So my secret is out then. I have been doing this for years, and not very happy some nerdy scientists have uncovered the fullproof Modus Operandi to get by in life without lifting a finger.

There goes that plan, will have to get my thinking cap on for another.

In the meantime, I am being overwhelmed by technology today.

Having just joined Twitter (yes, I'm so slow to catch on), I am torn between the compulsion to publish every single little thought that crosses my wired mind...and pulling the plug on the lot as I am inundated with information.

Albeit interesting information. Fashion information.

For instance, having access to live pix and fun snippets from the front row (like retired Mr Valentino's standing ovation at the label's show today or Chanel model Brad walking the catwalk with his adorable two-year-old son wearing matching jackets..awww.)

But I cannot understand how anyone manages all these internet outlets AND a full time job. You leave the thing alone for a minute and come back to a hundred and fifty new Tweets.

Will have to enlist the help of some poor unsuspecting, geeky man child.

I can't do it all you know, I'm a girl.

P.S Shows today were amazing. Especially Chanel. Especially Valentino. Drool. Sigh. Tweet.
Some like it hotpants at Chanel
Leather and lace at Valentino

Monday, 4 October 2010


I must be a masochist. Why else would I download the iPad application for Net-a-porter?

So I can be constantly updated on what's new and what I don't have. Like this Mulberry Python bag.

This stunning piece of arm candy makes me want to go back to 1992 when Wayne's World came out so I can say, schwing!

Also because in 1992, it would not have cost £1,250. And I would only be 10, so technically, just as content with a plastic skip-it.

I miss the 90s.

Add to this some serious cabin fever from my first weekend in London for an age, my poor aching wrist from writing so many thank-you notes, a lot of ugly, strange people on X-Factor and my depression is complete.

Only a python bag will save me now. *Sniff sniff *.

P.S In cheerier news, Salma Hayak rocked a turban at Stella McCartney's Paris show today. One good way to add some height. Have seen on the catwalk so the trend might actually catch on. Style hit, methinks.

Friday, 1 October 2010


Happy birthday to the French fashion bible...and doesn't she look good for 90?

Editor Carine Roitfeld describes the biggest ever edition as a 'coffee-table book' and I certainly cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.

Just look at smokin hot Lara Stone on the cover...Proof you don't really need a face to model anymore.

And FIY, boobs really are back. If only I could remember where I put mine...

P.S Fashion Week has been a bit blah this season but thankfully is starting to pull through. Christian Dior's nautical themed show, though kitch, was fun and fabulous. Loving the Katy Perry vibe.