Monday, 20 September 2010


I know it's London Fashion Week. The reason I know this - besides my innate astuteness - is because I'm knee deep in stories today. But before we get onto that, let's talk about me.

Look up to see fabulosity scarf I picked up at the hippie market in Ibiza. My LV now has a younger, albeit cheaper, sister to play with. Yay.

The latest addition to my wardrobe only cost me a cool 15 euros. Well, not me as such.

The Queen and I have one thing in common - neither of us carry cash. So husband attempted to haggle by insisting he only had 12 euros on him (blatant lie).

Market lady would not budge however and he begrudgingly had to go and pretend to make change. Thankfully, bargaining has never been one of husband's strong points - how else would he end up with a priceless gem like me?

Ok, now we have essential news covered, we can move on to LFW. My personal favourite of the lot is this Matthew Williamson oufit. Call me boring if you wish but it's sexy, wearable, effective. And more importantly so easy to emulate.

Another hot trend, besides underwear as outerwear (again) is absitence. Why? Because Vivienne Westwood said so: 'My message is choose well and buy less. Don't buy anything new for six months and recycle your clothes.'

Six months? Can it be possible? Methinks not. However if she gifts me her entire collection, I will be happy to undergo the experiment.

In other news, spare a thought for SJP today, who shed a tear at Alexander McQueen's memorial service. I don't like to see Carrie Bradshaw sad. It's a crime against fashion. Even if she does so rocking a fabulous frock.

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