Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Opened the door this morning, stepped out, it rained. I was overjoyed. Winter is finally here. I don't mean to be a Scrooge but I really am so happy summer is over. At least in London. The heat, the crowds, the tube (if I ever took it), the lack of air conditioning. Summer in London is like Victoria Beckham and fashion. It means well, goes to painstaking effort but never quite works out. As the nights get longer and temperatures drop, the city, in my opinion, possesses a magical quality that gives me renewed energy and gets my creativity flowing .

Here is my a-z of why: Art at Frieze: Perfect for people watching, Regents Park and pretending you know what you're talking about. Boots: Knee high, over-the-knee, booties, many choices, so little cash flow. Cashmere: Throws, socks, water bottles, stoles, sweaters..cosy, soft and warm...just add fireplace. Dyptique: Feu de Bois, Figuier....Heaven scent. Eurostar: There's only one place to rival London in winter...Paris, je t'aime. Fashion week: From the comfort of one's own laptop of course, with all this live streaming these days, who needs to mix with the common folk? And risk running into one of the Geldof sisters. Or worse... no, there's no worse. Gloves: Fingerless, knitted, leather, ribbed...for your pleasure. 
Hot chocolate: So what if you never actually drink it, it's the thought that counts. Ice skating: Natural History museum, Marble Arch, Sommerset House, so beautiful - and full of promise that you'll go this year. Jumpers: Mannish, oversized, chunky. Hides a multitude of sins. Kitchen envy: Aga's, home-made soups, Shepherd's pie, cooking is the ultimate comfort passtime. Layering: Long sleeve t-shirt, v-neck, oversized cardi, scarf, hat, gloves, jeans, Uggs - when else can you wear so many of your favourite pieces all at once? Movies: It's finally ok to go to the cinema again, you're not 'wasting the weather'. Nutcracker: My favourite Christmas treat - I know it may be ballet for dummies, but it's so delightful. 

Opulence: Tea at the Wolseley, fur hats, champagne and caviar, Sunday lunch with extra helpings of dessert...Indulge. Why not? The Russians do it. Parks: Walks in the cool, crisp air, leafy landscapes, coffee in hand - and no kids around to spoil it. Queen chic: With granny fashion all the rage this season, look to the world's classiest grandmother for a lesson or two in timeless elegance. Red wine: Barolo, comfort food (you can now, the bikini season is over) and bed. Smythson: New 2011 diary...quel excitement! Tights: It's just suddenly seeming slightly uncomfortable to bare my legs in a micro-mini, add some opaque hoisery though and the sluttier, the better really.

Umbrellas: Time to dig out my Lulu Guinness birdcage umbrella, one good reason to pray for rain. Vegetating: It's the winter equivalent of being active. Thank God. Winter sun:  So you can say, look I'm tanned - and you're not! X Factor: So cheesy, so trashy, so bad it's good. YSL: Navy laLaque no37 nail polish. The new black. Dr Zhivago on terrestrial TV: Where DID they get those wonderful furs?

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