Friday, 3 September 2010


So entrenched am I in Mad Men mania, the lines have started to blur between my office and Sterling Cooper ad agency. I keep expecting Joan Holloway or Peggy Olsen to walk past me....and spend my day wondering what I would say to Don Draper if we bumped into each other in the hallway. I even dress for the occasion. It would have to be soomething clever but not verbose.A witty one-liner...Anyway, I must admit there is some guilt attached to the affair - and it is most definitely an affair , not because I am cheating on husband (he's so into the show it's practically a threesome) but because I have been neglecting my other love - the undead.

It's been days since I picked up Eclipse. I  hope Edward Cullen won't be too disappointed...I don't mean to be disloyal - just can't help but feel 1960's Manhattan is so much more glamorous than modern day Forks...And that bloody dog Jacob is ruining everything...I should set him on super rat Pete Campbell...there go the lines again...Blurring away...Maybe a spot of lunchtime retail therapy will help keep me grounded. Or not. Either way - worth a try.

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