Sunday, 12 September 2010


Bad day today. Husband left to Poland on business trip for four days and I am already suffering from major separation anxiety. To add to this, I had to go into work to write up Victoria Beckham's spring/summer show.

After a teary goodbye, I opted to look on the bright side...Walking to work on a sunny day (instead of my usual driving) would be a good opportunity to burn some calories. I donned my new Kurt Geiger two-tone ballet flats and set off. So far, so good.

By the time I got to work half an hour later - only to be told the pictures wouldn't be available for a few hours - and left again, my existing wounds (from a pair of Chanels that inflict so much pain I have contemplated banishing them from my wardrobe - only to chicken out at the last minute) were further aggravated by the new footwear. I barely made it down the High Street before admitting defeat. I stopped at a cashpoint for cab money - broken, of course - before being physically unable to take another step.

I called husband - who still had some time before he had to be at the airport - and asked him to come and get me. 'Are you kidding? The Liverpool game is on!' Drat. Stuck in a dilemma now. Do I risk telling him I am injured? (Husband always asks if shoes are comfortable before I purchase, to which I always lie and say yes when the truth is a woman can never know unless she tries them out on the field). I thought it best not to mention anything. Anyway, as soon as I hung up and mustered all the will in the world to hobble along to the next machine, my office called to tell me VB pictures had arrived.

I shuffled back in agony, stopping at Boots to pick up some Compeed. I cabbed it home of course. What a waste of money. So what is the lesson here? Money can't buy you comfort - when it comes to shoes at least - and never ever, ever walk to work....Am turning to Edward Cullen for moral support during these trying times...*sniff sniff * * violins*

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