Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Good mood today. No1, am off to Ibiza tomorrow evening...Quel excitement!!! (how to pack three days worth of clothes into a cabin-size?And don't get me started on that 100ml rule.. No wonder Carrie Bradshaw always looked good, she never had these types of ridiculous constraints)

No2, poor husband, who has been having a dreary time working in Poland, comes home in less than 24 hours. So relieved, sleeping with gigantic teddy bear has been a poor substitute really.

No.3 Mini high street shopping spree this morning! Didn't start work til twelve so made a mad dash for Topshop and Zara. Dale Winton would be proud. Picked up a long black embellished maxi and cute studded grey shorts for the trip. Also a black midi skirt, camel button embellished jumper and grey stitch top for work. All for less than £150.

I know what I said yesterday about investment pieces btw, I haven't forgotten. But it's payday, and I am time-limited! Will bring out the big guns and start being serious when I get back. Honest gov.

In the meantime, check out mutant Mulberry girl, who appears to have grown and multiplied overnight. She's taking over Fashion Week and is skinnier than Alexa Chung! Run, Alexa!

P.S Am loving Google doodle today (which I Googled) marking Agatha Christie's 120th birthday
P.P.S Herve Leger has updated the ubiquitous bandage dress...It's cool but I prefer the new-age metallic one on the right. Will have to wait for Kim Kardashian to clock on before we know what it looks like on a real woman though...

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