Monday, 27 September 2010


It turned out, I really was coming down with something. Thank God.

I woke up Thursday morning with a wretched cold. Despite feeling awful, I was also somewhat relieved it was not my ability to shop suffering a block, just my sinuses.

There's nothing like a trip to Paris to lift a girl's morale. And I'm happy to report it was the perfect remedy.

I did spend a rather disappointing ten minutes in Colette though. Having never been to the it-store, I was very looking forward to the experience. Instead, I developed major claustrophobia due to mass crowds and had to make a hasty exit.

Besides, if I wanted a Smythson diary or a McQueen scarf (which I do), I'd shop on my British doorstep.

Not that I am one to talk, having made a cheeky purchase in Thomas Pink earlier in the day.

A friend left his tie at home and needed an emergency replacement. The opportunity to tick classic white shirt off my wish list was too great to turn down.

So I am rather pleased his misfortune worked in my favour and thankful to forgetful friend for helping me on my capsule wardrobe expedition - even if I did have to endure a painful 45 minute lesson on exchange rates from husband.

More successful was my visit to Zadig & Voltaire, where I picked up a cosy cashmere skull jumper, which I will use as clever ruse to detract from my head. Because after paying an extortionate 95 euros for a blow-dry, I don't intend on ever washing my hair again....

P.S Is Willow Smith the coolest child on the planet? Her father is Will Smith. She was spotted next to Naomi and Kylie at D&G front row yesterday. She has her own stylist and a hit single. She's nine. What next? VB's-not-yet-conceived child designs new fashion collection, Victoria's Fetus...

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