Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I am almost too distracted to think today. Something to do with the pile of laundry I have been suffocating under.

This all started at the end of last week when I fired my cleaning lady the day before Paris trip.

She has this annoying habit of not turning up without warning and doing this in the middle of my shopping flu was more than I could handle.

I, however, would be the one to live to regret it.

It turns out, I don't know how to iron. And I only discovered this Sunday night when I attempted my best Betty Draper impression and offered to sort out husband's shirts for his business trip to Poland.

After a half an hour battle with the iron, that's how long it took me to do just one by the way, it was still creased. Tears ensued. I had never felt so frustrated - or stupid.

Cleaning lady came over to return the keys last night and I begged her to give me a second chance. She drove a hard bargain but we reached a compromise. She irons, I pay her.

I have since made online purchases for a steamer and trouser press to avoid any future dramas.

It's a miracle I had time for a manicure. Where I did find my second new favourite nail polish, after Chinchilly, (great for grey, rainy days)

Mink Muffs is perfect for autumn when leaves are dropping and looking pretty. I have it on now and lurve it.

P.S Now for a recent and enlightening quote by Anna Wintour: 'Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.'

Well thank goodnes for that. Now that we know the secret, no point in picking up the latest Vogue. Especially as we're all suddenly too thick to read it!

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