Saturday, 18 September 2010


On Monday, am starting the 'Cynthia' diet. Not named after a celebrity, but one cool chick I have the pleasure of hanging out with this weekend. Cynthia is one of those people you would hate, if she wasn't so darn lovely and nice.

Because she has a banging body with like zero per cent fat. But she is testiment to the fact that there is no such thing as girls who eat all they want and never put on weight. In her own words, she is 'super healthy'. (Can you spot the carrots?)

While the rest of us dump all manner of toxins into our body, Cynthia treats hers like a temple. She doesn't drink, eat meat or sugar. (Carbs are sugar btw). And has surprisingly tasty food she likes to make. So over the weekend, we picked up some tips from her.

Interesting facts: 1) The lower the fat content, the higher the sugar. Ie low fat yohurt has more sugar than full fat yoghurt. 2) Cellulite is caused by sugar. 3) Always have fruit with nuts, to slow down the release of sugar.

And lots of other facts too though I forget what.

So now I am loaded with information and alternatives on what to eat, I will share a sample menu:

Breafast: Poached eggs with asparagus or fresh fruit and (full-fat) yoghurt
Lunch: Any kind of salad, pulses or sushi - wholegrain rice is fine too
Dinner: Fish three times a week, chicken three times a week and red meat once a week, with any vegetables or salad.
Snacks: Amazing little balls called Bounce that are sugar free and gluten free but taste quite yummy. Booja Booja is also sugar free and tastes quite yummy for fake ice-cream. Nuts. Rice cakes with creme fraiche, spring onions and tomatoes. (All available at Whole Foods btw)
Drinks: Coffee, water, tomato juice with loads of tabasco. Freshly squeezed lemon juice (add water, sparkling if you want a fizzy kick, sweetener and make a big batch to sip throughout the day)

If you stock up on the above, it should be relatively easy to avoid being hungry. (Optimistic, moi?)

The best part about the Cynthia diet (and the one that sold me) is that she eats every three hours and doesn't really exercise (other than the occasional yoga class). And explains people who do end up relying on it to speed up their metabolism, so the minute they stop, they just put on weight again.

Whatever, no gym..I'm in!

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