Thursday, 2 September 2010


After years of hightlights, low lights, bleach and tints - I recently went back to brown. The impulse, as usual, was untimely. It hit me on a Friday evening after work and I begged my hairdresser to stay past closing to indulge my must-have of the week. Against his better judgement, he succumbed. Now, I have mixed feelings about the end result. While I think, on an aesthetic level, I prefer my hair lighter, my brunette status seems to have had a postive impact on me. Not that I can put my finger on it yet. I suppose words like natural and liberated spring to mind. But also, I feel a bit like a blank canvas now...ready to play dress-up with a new box of toys...And I haven't seen my natural colour in 15 years - I'm glad to see it looks kind of nice. (That's not me by the way, it a Barbie doll)

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