Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Being a fashion writer, flicking through magazines is part of my job, but can sometimes be a deflating experience. Not because I can't afford anything I see or because I am constantly staring at Amazonian stick-insects photoshopped to perfection (although not pleasant either tbh) but because the sheer volume of products on display makes me realise how hard it is to dress stylishly these days without looking like the runway has thrown up on you. 

This morning, for example, I had a major wardrobe dilemma because, being a fast-fashion-fix addict, I don't have enough classic staple pieces (Not at all looking forward to putting back the contents of cupboards tipped onto bed BTW). 

Donna Karan said in Grazia today 'you can build a wardrobe on just seven (or so) pieces'. So here is my attempt (accessories and shoes not included - come on, I'm not a Buddhist monk) at stripping my winter list down to the essentials:

1) A classic white shirt - unbelievably still do not have one of these, but ten different versions which are not good for fat days (ruffled, pussybow, lace trim..)
2) Leather shorts  - sound dominatrix but actually look effing cool with opaque tight
3) LBD - maybe in a midnight blue
4) Pencil skirt - might suddenly make me feel like a grown-up and also can pretend I am in Mad Men
5) Tuxedo jacket - instant YSL amazing-ness
6) Black cigarette trousers - not quite sure how these are different to skinnys but they certainly sound more interesting and will go well with the white shirt
7) Oversized jumper or cardigan (long enough to wear as dress over grey or white wool tights)

I guess if I spend some money on these things, I can get away with cheap everything else. I know people say you should invest alot in coats, but honestly, you wear them every day they can get incredibly boring at the end of the season.If it's possible, I'm even almost over of my Burberry trench. Also am really dying for a tan leather bag that looks anonymous but will last forever.

I won't bother with It-bags, they date so obviously - even classics like Chanel 2.55 and Hermes Birkin have started to look like fashion overkill thanks to Wags and moronics like Lindsay Lohan etc..

P.S Guess what day tomorrow is?! It's PAYDAY!!!!
P.P.S Look at Mulberry's amazing fashion week invite!! Mulberry girl is so cool, she has long skinny legs, gets free bags and can do anything, even the splits. I would hate her if she wasn't so cute.

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