Friday, 10 September 2010


All this talk of Fashion Week is making my poor shopping-deprived head spin. I popped out to pick up a bite to eat and get some air when I was temporarily blinded by gorgeous neck candy from LK Bennett. I remained strong though and marched back to work. But a few minutes later, my resolve weakened. I spied a black cotton strapless jumpsuit in the window of one of those makeshift shops right next door to the office.

For £15, it would make a great throw-away outfit for a friend's birthday dinner and dancing tonight. Incidentaly, it would also go fabulously with the necklace I'm not buying. Anyway, I reasoned that £15 doesn't count as shopping at all - having spent more than that on my lunch. And actually, I rationalised further,  I was being quite smart. I don't like to wear anything expensive to nightclubs as I almost always spill, lose or damage beyond repair after a drink or two (yes, lightweight, cheap date etc).

So I walked in, picked it up sans trying and pulled my card out to pay. 'Sorry, we don't take card, only cash'. Typical. 'Bet my husband told you to say that' I snapped. The saleswoman looked at me confused. Only husband would know I'm too lazy to walk to the cash machine.

Besides, the moment passed. Once I walk to get money, it's no longer an impulse buy and I cannot justify it.Will have to console myself with bag of Ottolenghi while I think of something to wear that I already own. Quel drag.

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