Thursday, 9 September 2010


Body shape is creating mass hysteria as Fashion Week kicks off in New York today. Marc Jacobs is launching a plus-size range, Crystal Renn is dominating headlines as the former anorexic who turned size 12.  US label sent ONLY plus-size models down the runway.

As a highly-strung, sometimes neurotic, mostly moody female, I'm not one for middle ground. But surely gaunt-looking and 'curvy' are both sides of the same boring coin.

Bring back the super I say: The flawless bod. It's not skinny, it's not voluptuous - it's just completely unattainable.  Think Cindy, Helena, Naomi, Claudia, Elle. Basically any model who was in a George Michael video in the 90's.

I'm talking about women who were put on this planet for one reason: To make you feel bad about yourself. The funnest past-time of all!

Who wants to see skeletal stick-figures on the catwalk anymore than they want to see flab overspill? I like fashion as a means of ESCAPE. What's all this sudden obsession with 'realistic portrayals'?  If I wanted a dose of that, honestly I'd turn on the TV and watch an episode of EastEnders...

P.S On a separate and not at all related note, what do we think of this Topshop jacket? Harness hit? or dominatrix disaster?

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