Thursday, 30 September 2010


It may be chocolate week next week, but let's face it, chocolate's for plebs.

At least that is how I've been justifying it on my sugar free Cynthia diet.

I've been so good, even skipping dessert last weekend in Paris. I know. I'm a saint. But even saints have their day.

And mine has most definitely arrived. Enter Pierre Hermé. Melt-in-your mouth, dreamy, deliciously decadent macaroons. Colourful little parcels of heaven.

Laduree, I am so over you.

Anyone who's anyone - or even no one - has got to try these babies, like, now.

And if you're not lucky enough to have them delivered to your desk (not rubbing it in or anything), then you can pick up a box at Selfridges or new Lowndes Street store in Belgravia. Dee-vine.

Well that was fun. Back to starvation now.

P.S I would like to congratulate my good friend Shaniqua, who is today celebrating her one year of accidental celibacy with a trip to the Pig's Ear pub in Chelsea, where apparently they have a very cute cute bartender...

P.P.S All names, i.e Shaniqua, have been changed on the PS above.

P.P.P.S It is my personal opinion that if 'Shaniqua' invested in this Manish Arora outfit fresh off the Paris fashion week catwalk, she may have more luck finding a life partner...

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I am almost too distracted to think today. Something to do with the pile of laundry I have been suffocating under.

This all started at the end of last week when I fired my cleaning lady the day before Paris trip.

She has this annoying habit of not turning up without warning and doing this in the middle of my shopping flu was more than I could handle.

I, however, would be the one to live to regret it.

It turns out, I don't know how to iron. And I only discovered this Sunday night when I attempted my best Betty Draper impression and offered to sort out husband's shirts for his business trip to Poland.

After a half an hour battle with the iron, that's how long it took me to do just one by the way, it was still creased. Tears ensued. I had never felt so frustrated - or stupid.

Cleaning lady came over to return the keys last night and I begged her to give me a second chance. She drove a hard bargain but we reached a compromise. She irons, I pay her.

I have since made online purchases for a steamer and trouser press to avoid any future dramas.

It's a miracle I had time for a manicure. Where I did find my second new favourite nail polish, after Chinchilly, (great for grey, rainy days)

Mink Muffs is perfect for autumn when leaves are dropping and looking pretty. I have it on now and lurve it.

P.S Now for a recent and enlightening quote by Anna Wintour: 'Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.'

Well thank goodnes for that. Now that we know the secret, no point in picking up the latest Vogue. Especially as we're all suddenly too thick to read it!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


So I said I was looking for an anonymous plain leather bag. And I think I may have found it.

(Other than the new Celine Shopper Envelope, which I am also coveting and Secreting in a MAJOR way and will receive.)

Radley, that brand that usually have a weird not-at-all-cute dog keyring hanging off their bags, have had a bit of a revamp.

I saw their super cool Grosvenor satchel last week in a mag and contemplated buying.

Today, drum roll please, I spotted a green version in a pic of Gossip Girl set series four.

I have seen the future, and its Radley-cal.

Monday, 27 September 2010


It turned out, I really was coming down with something. Thank God.

I woke up Thursday morning with a wretched cold. Despite feeling awful, I was also somewhat relieved it was not my ability to shop suffering a block, just my sinuses.

There's nothing like a trip to Paris to lift a girl's morale. And I'm happy to report it was the perfect remedy.

I did spend a rather disappointing ten minutes in Colette though. Having never been to the it-store, I was very looking forward to the experience. Instead, I developed major claustrophobia due to mass crowds and had to make a hasty exit.

Besides, if I wanted a Smythson diary or a McQueen scarf (which I do), I'd shop on my British doorstep.

Not that I am one to talk, having made a cheeky purchase in Thomas Pink earlier in the day.

A friend left his tie at home and needed an emergency replacement. The opportunity to tick classic white shirt off my wish list was too great to turn down.

So I am rather pleased his misfortune worked in my favour and thankful to forgetful friend for helping me on my capsule wardrobe expedition - even if I did have to endure a painful 45 minute lesson on exchange rates from husband.

More successful was my visit to Zadig & Voltaire, where I picked up a cosy cashmere skull jumper, which I will use as clever ruse to detract from my head. Because after paying an extortionate 95 euros for a blow-dry, I don't intend on ever washing my hair again....

P.S Is Willow Smith the coolest child on the planet? Her father is Will Smith. She was spotted next to Naomi and Kylie at D&G front row yesterday. She has her own stylist and a hit single. She's nine. What next? VB's-not-yet-conceived child designs new fashion collection, Victoria's Fetus...

Thursday, 23 September 2010


I think I'm coming down with something.

Husband gave me his credit card to buy a present for friend's birthday.

So I went to Mecca - I mean, Harrods - with a whole bag of wardrobe wonders in mind. For myself, obviously.

I actually needed a pair of shoes to go with the dress I plan on wearing.

But as I stepped through the door, by Smythson (made mental note for new diary), I felt an unfamiliar, uncomfortable feeling stir.

It continued to grow as I walked up to the Louboutin lair and past the Jimmy Choo jungle.

Dismissing my lack of enthusiasm as sugar withdrawal (from new diet), I knew the sight of YSL Palais pumps would bring me back to life. It didn't.

I bought them anyway, to prove a point of course, but my heart wasn't in it.  I had no urge to pur-chase. None whatsoever. Not even with someone else's money, which is so unlike me.

I visited all my favourite sections, determined to fight the feeling, but not even the prospect of a new diary perked me up.

To top it off, the shoes don't match the dress.  I am now on a timed mission to find a suitable pair before tomorrow.

And so disorientated was I by this fashion flu that has so aggressively struck, I forgot to buy the present.

Will have to summon the energy to go back again tonight.

P.S Look at this adorable Chanel cabinet display I spied on the way out. Life in plastic really is fantastic.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


In my dreams, I suddenly have a growth spurt and can pull off this futuristic Burberry piece of genius, fresh off the catwalk from today's show (left), and it hangs in my bespoke closet (next to the Marchesa).

In reality, I click to buy online and discover it costs over £5,000.

So I settle for the stunning but affordable £2,595 version (right). Well, husband does like to call me delusional.

Or maybe I just get to work on my classic trench with a glue gun?

The point is, banish your aviator (now referred to as chaviator by Grazia) and invest in a biker, says Burberry. My, how fashion is fickle. Must be why we get along so well.

Images taken from

Monday, 20 September 2010


I know it's London Fashion Week. The reason I know this - besides my innate astuteness - is because I'm knee deep in stories today. But before we get onto that, let's talk about me.

Look up to see fabulosity scarf I picked up at the hippie market in Ibiza. My LV now has a younger, albeit cheaper, sister to play with. Yay.

The latest addition to my wardrobe only cost me a cool 15 euros. Well, not me as such.

The Queen and I have one thing in common - neither of us carry cash. So husband attempted to haggle by insisting he only had 12 euros on him (blatant lie).

Market lady would not budge however and he begrudgingly had to go and pretend to make change. Thankfully, bargaining has never been one of husband's strong points - how else would he end up with a priceless gem like me?

Ok, now we have essential news covered, we can move on to LFW. My personal favourite of the lot is this Matthew Williamson oufit. Call me boring if you wish but it's sexy, wearable, effective. And more importantly so easy to emulate.

Another hot trend, besides underwear as outerwear (again) is absitence. Why? Because Vivienne Westwood said so: 'My message is choose well and buy less. Don't buy anything new for six months and recycle your clothes.'

Six months? Can it be possible? Methinks not. However if she gifts me her entire collection, I will be happy to undergo the experiment.

In other news, spare a thought for SJP today, who shed a tear at Alexander McQueen's memorial service. I don't like to see Carrie Bradshaw sad. It's a crime against fashion. Even if she does so rocking a fabulous frock.

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Don't you hate it when magazines do price comparison pieces?

Like: here is a stunning dress that costs £100,000. And here is a crap alternative for a tenner. We know it's ugly. We don't actually care. But need to pretend we do to appeal to the masses. And please our advertisers. We don't really pay for anything anyway. We get freebies. Got to go raid the fashion closet now. Our Louboutins have arrived. is a potential solution: Company magazine has a High-Street bible. I know what you're thinking, Company is budget. I think it too.

But this is a new (I'm guessing bi-annual) publication seperate to the main magazine, printed on pretty paper, that looks good enough to eat and is totally devoid of calories. Perfect if like me, you're on a sugar-free, pleasure-free, life-free diet.

Oonagh Brennan, Company's fashion director calls it: 'the closest you can get to a bespoke winter wish-list.'

And you know how much I love wish-lists. The mere mention gets me excited.

In fact, it's kind of like a Kinder Surprise. Three things in one: packed with goodies to keep you entertained for hours, looks effing cool and is a comprehensive guide to what's hot on your doorstep.

Unless you live on Sloane Street, in which case, go buy Vogue (and bring me back a present on your way home).

P.S I am not a massive fan of Cheryl Cole for reasons that are too many to list. But here is a still from her new video, Promise This. It's just so pretty. I want to be a ballerina.

Saturday, 18 September 2010


On Monday, am starting the 'Cynthia' diet. Not named after a celebrity, but one cool chick I have the pleasure of hanging out with this weekend. Cynthia is one of those people you would hate, if she wasn't so darn lovely and nice.

Because she has a banging body with like zero per cent fat. But she is testiment to the fact that there is no such thing as girls who eat all they want and never put on weight. In her own words, she is 'super healthy'. (Can you spot the carrots?)

While the rest of us dump all manner of toxins into our body, Cynthia treats hers like a temple. She doesn't drink, eat meat or sugar. (Carbs are sugar btw). And has surprisingly tasty food she likes to make. So over the weekend, we picked up some tips from her.

Interesting facts: 1) The lower the fat content, the higher the sugar. Ie low fat yohurt has more sugar than full fat yoghurt. 2) Cellulite is caused by sugar. 3) Always have fruit with nuts, to slow down the release of sugar.

And lots of other facts too though I forget what.

So now I am loaded with information and alternatives on what to eat, I will share a sample menu:

Breafast: Poached eggs with asparagus or fresh fruit and (full-fat) yoghurt
Lunch: Any kind of salad, pulses or sushi - wholegrain rice is fine too
Dinner: Fish three times a week, chicken three times a week and red meat once a week, with any vegetables or salad.
Snacks: Amazing little balls called Bounce that are sugar free and gluten free but taste quite yummy. Booja Booja is also sugar free and tastes quite yummy for fake ice-cream. Nuts. Rice cakes with creme fraiche, spring onions and tomatoes. (All available at Whole Foods btw)
Drinks: Coffee, water, tomato juice with loads of tabasco. Freshly squeezed lemon juice (add water, sparkling if you want a fizzy kick, sweetener and make a big batch to sip throughout the day)

If you stock up on the above, it should be relatively easy to avoid being hungry. (Optimistic, moi?)

The best part about the Cynthia diet (and the one that sold me) is that she eats every three hours and doesn't really exercise (other than the occasional yoga class). And explains people who do end up relying on it to speed up their metabolism, so the minute they stop, they just put on weight again.

Whatever, no gym..I'm in!

Friday, 17 September 2010


My short time in Ibiza has so far taught me some very important fashion tips that I will be sure to apply at home when I leave on Sunday. No1, it is important to display as much flesh as possible. No2, acquire a six-pack and/or rippling muscles. No3, clothes should consist of not much more than a pair of pants, preferably with a glow in the dark logo printed on the back. No4, failing all of the above, a sarong will be sure to win you maximum style points. But only, it seems, if you’re a bloke...David Beckham, eat your heart out.

Thursday, 16 September 2010


Holy smokes Batman. I have fallen in love. Marchesa's fishtail strapless creation is not just fashion, it is art. Could anything be more glamorous? Other than the Oscars though, I can't see where anyone would pull this off. 

But If I had it hanging in my closet (and I would need to erect a new one especially) I would just sit and stare at it all day long. Or wear it around the house, with a pair of rubber gloves while I do the washing up...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Good mood today. No1, am off to Ibiza tomorrow evening...Quel excitement!!! (how to pack three days worth of clothes into a cabin-size?And don't get me started on that 100ml rule.. No wonder Carrie Bradshaw always looked good, she never had these types of ridiculous constraints)

No2, poor husband, who has been having a dreary time working in Poland, comes home in less than 24 hours. So relieved, sleeping with gigantic teddy bear has been a poor substitute really.

No.3 Mini high street shopping spree this morning! Didn't start work til twelve so made a mad dash for Topshop and Zara. Dale Winton would be proud. Picked up a long black embellished maxi and cute studded grey shorts for the trip. Also a black midi skirt, camel button embellished jumper and grey stitch top for work. All for less than £150.

I know what I said yesterday about investment pieces btw, I haven't forgotten. But it's payday, and I am time-limited! Will bring out the big guns and start being serious when I get back. Honest gov.

In the meantime, check out mutant Mulberry girl, who appears to have grown and multiplied overnight. She's taking over Fashion Week and is skinnier than Alexa Chung! Run, Alexa!

P.S Am loving Google doodle today (which I Googled) marking Agatha Christie's 120th birthday
P.P.S Herve Leger has updated the ubiquitous bandage dress...It's cool but I prefer the new-age metallic one on the right. Will have to wait for Kim Kardashian to clock on before we know what it looks like on a real woman though...

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Being a fashion writer, flicking through magazines is part of my job, but can sometimes be a deflating experience. Not because I can't afford anything I see or because I am constantly staring at Amazonian stick-insects photoshopped to perfection (although not pleasant either tbh) but because the sheer volume of products on display makes me realise how hard it is to dress stylishly these days without looking like the runway has thrown up on you. 

This morning, for example, I had a major wardrobe dilemma because, being a fast-fashion-fix addict, I don't have enough classic staple pieces (Not at all looking forward to putting back the contents of cupboards tipped onto bed BTW). 

Donna Karan said in Grazia today 'you can build a wardrobe on just seven (or so) pieces'. So here is my attempt (accessories and shoes not included - come on, I'm not a Buddhist monk) at stripping my winter list down to the essentials:

1) A classic white shirt - unbelievably still do not have one of these, but ten different versions which are not good for fat days (ruffled, pussybow, lace trim..)
2) Leather shorts  - sound dominatrix but actually look effing cool with opaque tight
3) LBD - maybe in a midnight blue
4) Pencil skirt - might suddenly make me feel like a grown-up and also can pretend I am in Mad Men
5) Tuxedo jacket - instant YSL amazing-ness
6) Black cigarette trousers - not quite sure how these are different to skinnys but they certainly sound more interesting and will go well with the white shirt
7) Oversized jumper or cardigan (long enough to wear as dress over grey or white wool tights)

I guess if I spend some money on these things, I can get away with cheap everything else. I know people say you should invest alot in coats, but honestly, you wear them every day they can get incredibly boring at the end of the season.If it's possible, I'm even almost over of my Burberry trench. Also am really dying for a tan leather bag that looks anonymous but will last forever.

I won't bother with It-bags, they date so obviously - even classics like Chanel 2.55 and Hermes Birkin have started to look like fashion overkill thanks to Wags and moronics like Lindsay Lohan etc..

P.S Guess what day tomorrow is?! It's PAYDAY!!!!
P.P.S Look at Mulberry's amazing fashion week invite!! Mulberry girl is so cool, she has long skinny legs, gets free bags and can do anything, even the splits. I would hate her if she wasn't so cute.

Monday, 13 September 2010


Tom Ford's first womenswear collection was unveiled yesterday in New York. The designer broke with tradition and BANNED photographers which is terrible news as was very very looking forward to seeing the mannish tailoring (trend alert) as modelled by Beyonce BTW - pretty effing cool. Mere mortals will have to wait til Jan (when the goods hit stores) for a peek. Thinking of investing in a pair of his fabulous glasses while I wait. Meanwhile, here is an interesting quote I found in Interview magazine. He said: 'I think people who are attracted to the fashion industry are people who are really insecure and looking for a certain identity. I think that’s initially how people are attracted to it.' Gee. Thanks, Tom. Like I needed reminding.

P.S One show that did have plenty of coverage was Zac Posen's diffusion line Z Spoke. Am loving the funky, fruity t-shirts I spied on Vogue. PERFECT for keeping motivated during my week of detox to retox...Wonder if they count as part of my five a day?

Sunday, 12 September 2010


Bad day today. Husband left to Poland on business trip for four days and I am already suffering from major separation anxiety. To add to this, I had to go into work to write up Victoria Beckham's spring/summer show.

After a teary goodbye, I opted to look on the bright side...Walking to work on a sunny day (instead of my usual driving) would be a good opportunity to burn some calories. I donned my new Kurt Geiger two-tone ballet flats and set off. So far, so good.

By the time I got to work half an hour later - only to be told the pictures wouldn't be available for a few hours - and left again, my existing wounds (from a pair of Chanels that inflict so much pain I have contemplated banishing them from my wardrobe - only to chicken out at the last minute) were further aggravated by the new footwear. I barely made it down the High Street before admitting defeat. I stopped at a cashpoint for cab money - broken, of course - before being physically unable to take another step.

I called husband - who still had some time before he had to be at the airport - and asked him to come and get me. 'Are you kidding? The Liverpool game is on!' Drat. Stuck in a dilemma now. Do I risk telling him I am injured? (Husband always asks if shoes are comfortable before I purchase, to which I always lie and say yes when the truth is a woman can never know unless she tries them out on the field). I thought it best not to mention anything. Anyway, as soon as I hung up and mustered all the will in the world to hobble along to the next machine, my office called to tell me VB pictures had arrived.

I shuffled back in agony, stopping at Boots to pick up some Compeed. I cabbed it home of course. What a waste of money. So what is the lesson here? Money can't buy you comfort - when it comes to shoes at least - and never ever, ever walk to work....Am turning to Edward Cullen for moral support during these trying times...*sniff sniff * * violins*

Saturday, 11 September 2010


Well, it turned out, a few hours later, I had to take cash out anyway (for my manicure) and with the jumpsuit within arm's reach, I shot in and hastily paid.  And I must say, I am rather pleased with my purchase. With the right accessories, it's an effortless outfit perfect for fat days, wardrobe dilemma days and can't-be-bothered-for-anything days.

I teamed mine with an H&M belt, Gina gladiator platforms, Jitrois leather jacket and Wilbur and Gussie envelope clutch. Basically, invest in one of these versatile all-in-ones and you won't regret it.  Best keep it simple though, you don't want to be feeling like you're going out in your pyjamas.

Friday, 10 September 2010


All this talk of Fashion Week is making my poor shopping-deprived head spin. I popped out to pick up a bite to eat and get some air when I was temporarily blinded by gorgeous neck candy from LK Bennett. I remained strong though and marched back to work. But a few minutes later, my resolve weakened. I spied a black cotton strapless jumpsuit in the window of one of those makeshift shops right next door to the office.

For £15, it would make a great throw-away outfit for a friend's birthday dinner and dancing tonight. Incidentaly, it would also go fabulously with the necklace I'm not buying. Anyway, I reasoned that £15 doesn't count as shopping at all - having spent more than that on my lunch. And actually, I rationalised further,  I was being quite smart. I don't like to wear anything expensive to nightclubs as I almost always spill, lose or damage beyond repair after a drink or two (yes, lightweight, cheap date etc).

So I walked in, picked it up sans trying and pulled my card out to pay. 'Sorry, we don't take card, only cash'. Typical. 'Bet my husband told you to say that' I snapped. The saleswoman looked at me confused. Only husband would know I'm too lazy to walk to the cash machine.

Besides, the moment passed. Once I walk to get money, it's no longer an impulse buy and I cannot justify it.Will have to console myself with bag of Ottolenghi while I think of something to wear that I already own. Quel drag.

Thursday, 9 September 2010


Body shape is creating mass hysteria as Fashion Week kicks off in New York today. Marc Jacobs is launching a plus-size range, Crystal Renn is dominating headlines as the former anorexic who turned size 12.  US label sent ONLY plus-size models down the runway.

As a highly-strung, sometimes neurotic, mostly moody female, I'm not one for middle ground. But surely gaunt-looking and 'curvy' are both sides of the same boring coin.

Bring back the super I say: The flawless bod. It's not skinny, it's not voluptuous - it's just completely unattainable.  Think Cindy, Helena, Naomi, Claudia, Elle. Basically any model who was in a George Michael video in the 90's.

I'm talking about women who were put on this planet for one reason: To make you feel bad about yourself. The funnest past-time of all!

Who wants to see skeletal stick-figures on the catwalk anymore than they want to see flab overspill? I like fashion as a means of ESCAPE. What's all this sudden obsession with 'realistic portrayals'?  If I wanted a dose of that, honestly I'd turn on the TV and watch an episode of EastEnders...

P.S On a separate and not at all related note, what do we think of this Topshop jacket? Harness hit? or dominatrix disaster?

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Opened the door this morning, stepped out, it rained. I was overjoyed. Winter is finally here. I don't mean to be a Scrooge but I really am so happy summer is over. At least in London. The heat, the crowds, the tube (if I ever took it), the lack of air conditioning. Summer in London is like Victoria Beckham and fashion. It means well, goes to painstaking effort but never quite works out. As the nights get longer and temperatures drop, the city, in my opinion, possesses a magical quality that gives me renewed energy and gets my creativity flowing .

Here is my a-z of why: Art at Frieze: Perfect for people watching, Regents Park and pretending you know what you're talking about. Boots: Knee high, over-the-knee, booties, many choices, so little cash flow. Cashmere: Throws, socks, water bottles, stoles, sweaters..cosy, soft and warm...just add fireplace. Dyptique: Feu de Bois, Figuier....Heaven scent. Eurostar: There's only one place to rival London in winter...Paris, je t'aime. Fashion week: From the comfort of one's own laptop of course, with all this live streaming these days, who needs to mix with the common folk? And risk running into one of the Geldof sisters. Or worse... no, there's no worse. Gloves: Fingerless, knitted, leather, ribbed...for your pleasure. 
Hot chocolate: So what if you never actually drink it, it's the thought that counts. Ice skating: Natural History museum, Marble Arch, Sommerset House, so beautiful - and full of promise that you'll go this year. Jumpers: Mannish, oversized, chunky. Hides a multitude of sins. Kitchen envy: Aga's, home-made soups, Shepherd's pie, cooking is the ultimate comfort passtime. Layering: Long sleeve t-shirt, v-neck, oversized cardi, scarf, hat, gloves, jeans, Uggs - when else can you wear so many of your favourite pieces all at once? Movies: It's finally ok to go to the cinema again, you're not 'wasting the weather'. Nutcracker: My favourite Christmas treat - I know it may be ballet for dummies, but it's so delightful. 

Opulence: Tea at the Wolseley, fur hats, champagne and caviar, Sunday lunch with extra helpings of dessert...Indulge. Why not? The Russians do it. Parks: Walks in the cool, crisp air, leafy landscapes, coffee in hand - and no kids around to spoil it. Queen chic: With granny fashion all the rage this season, look to the world's classiest grandmother for a lesson or two in timeless elegance. Red wine: Barolo, comfort food (you can now, the bikini season is over) and bed. Smythson: New 2011 diary...quel excitement! Tights: It's just suddenly seeming slightly uncomfortable to bare my legs in a micro-mini, add some opaque hoisery though and the sluttier, the better really.

Umbrellas: Time to dig out my Lulu Guinness birdcage umbrella, one good reason to pray for rain. Vegetating: It's the winter equivalent of being active. Thank God. Winter sun:  So you can say, look I'm tanned - and you're not! X Factor: So cheesy, so trashy, so bad it's good. YSL: Navy laLaque no37 nail polish. The new black. Dr Zhivago on terrestrial TV: Where DID they get those wonderful furs?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Ok, so I spied these Jimmy Choo Uggs on the Grazia website just now and I have to say, the jury is kind of out on this one. Uggs? Love. Jimmy Choos? Loooove. But put your hands together? Hmmm dunno. They look kind of biker-bootish and cool on the model (obviously) but I like my Uggs overeasy - plain and simple with a side of cashmere and cosy knits.  When it comes to Choos however, a woman reserves the right to change her mind...I will have to give the final verdict when I've done a full test run...Just need to find a spare £695 lying around...Anybody? Dust?

Monday, 6 September 2010


I'm having a redhead moment, the more I see them , the more I like what I see. Not that I could pull it off. To get away with red hair without looking like a crazy, you need the following: alabaster skin, pale eyes, a painfully thin frame, cascading curls and long limbs. Think Botticelli angel meets Stepford Wife. I on the other hand have olive skin, dark eyes, a yo-yo-ing frame and something unidentifiable in between curls and straight hair (damaged from years of bleach) and well, let's not get started on the length of my limbs please.

Anyway, I'm not sure what sparked this newfound interest, but  here are my favourite scarlet women (natural or not - no judgment here): Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Bree from Desperate Housewives, The Little Mermaid, Lily Cole, Christina Hendricks, Florence Welch (of Machine fame), Karen Elson (hot hot model-slash-singer on the cover of this month's Bazaar). It's a fabulous look, goes very well with a red apple and lots of diamonds. (So random, I don't know where that came from.) Oh and Jessica Rabbit, hello....Enough. Said.

P.S Speaking of, check out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on the cover of Love magazine. Flaming hell...

Sunday, 5 September 2010


Bless me father for I have sinned, it has been a day since I promised not to shop...I didn't mean to, it was an accident. The wind blew me into H&M. The necklace caught my eye, so Chanel, so cheap..only £7.99. It didn't mean anything, I didn't even enjoy it (much). I felt guilty the whole time. I promise to carry the burden of it across my neck, wherever I go. And to atone with a strict fashion fast from now on... For these and all the sartorial sins of my past life I am truly sorry....

Saturday, 4 September 2010


My lunchtime retail therapy session turned out to be quite a productive one...Not only did I take a break from my spiraling television addiction, I also happened to come across item numero six on my wishlist... Suede Stuart Weitzman multi buckle shoe boots. Result. And with the £290 refund sitting quietly in my account after the t-shirt debacle (see previous post) it was as good as free. Ok, not really - but that is one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is that I'm now broke. But I have consoled myself with the thought that I will soon have long forgotten starving for two weeks, but the boots will remain with me forever.  Anyway, enough negativity and back to my fabulous new buy, they will look killer with a pair of black skinny jeans and stripy grey jumper when winter starts to rear its gloomy head. Cannot wait. They will have to keep me entertained for a fortnight as I have promised to deprive myself of any more purchases til pay day. I wonder if buy now, pay later counts....

Friday, 3 September 2010


So entrenched am I in Mad Men mania, the lines have started to blur between my office and Sterling Cooper ad agency. I keep expecting Joan Holloway or Peggy Olsen to walk past me....and spend my day wondering what I would say to Don Draper if we bumped into each other in the hallway. I even dress for the occasion. It would have to be soomething clever but not verbose.A witty one-liner...Anyway, I must admit there is some guilt attached to the affair - and it is most definitely an affair , not because I am cheating on husband (he's so into the show it's practically a threesome) but because I have been neglecting my other love - the undead.

It's been days since I picked up Eclipse. I  hope Edward Cullen won't be too disappointed...I don't mean to be disloyal - just can't help but feel 1960's Manhattan is so much more glamorous than modern day Forks...And that bloody dog Jacob is ruining everything...I should set him on super rat Pete Campbell...there go the lines again...Blurring away...Maybe a spot of lunchtime retail therapy will help keep me grounded. Or not. Either way - worth a try.